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SNCR is a global nonprofit research and education foundation and think tank.

Sponsor an Event

If interested in sponsoring a roundtable or annual research symposium, please contact Gina Hernandez, Executive Director of the Society for New Communications Research, via email at or by phone at (408) 825-9288.

Host or Sponsor a Roundtable Event:
Each year the Society for New Communications host several invite-only roundtable meet-up events that bring together thought leaders from a diverse array of sectors and disciplines to share, learn and advance within their career. The goal is to have a small, intimate event so people have the opportunity to share their success stories, best practices, and ideas within the field of new communications. This event gathers the premiere thought leaders in communications to discuss and share the latest trends and best practices in new communications and emerging communications tools and technologies such as digital, social media, and mobile.

Sponsors will not only have the opportunity to bolster their position as being a leader in the field of new communications but will also benefit from SNCR’s unparalleled reputation for leading edge research and analysis.

Become a Sponsor of SNCR Annual Symposium and Awards Gala:
Sponsor the Annual SNCR Symposium and Awards Gala held in November 2013. The longest-standing social media event, SNCR’s annual Symposium and Awards Gala bridges academic, theoretical and practical pursuits in new communications. Alternating coasts each year, the conference brings together an influential group of insiders from various sectors to hear about the latest research, developments, trends, and best practices in new media and communications from SNCR’s Fellows, themselves all leading practitioners in academia, business, and communications.

Attendance: Historically the conference has hosted approximately 100 social media, marketing, communications, public relations and business professionals in academia, corporations, government, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and media outlets.

Program: The event is centered on Fellows’ research presentations, unlike other conferences, because of the caliber of attendees; the programming is very interactive and feels more like a round table discussion, than lectures. For agenda and program guide, please visit:

Awards Gala: Join SNCR for its Annual Awards Gala in November (directly after the Symposium). SNCR Fellows award three levels of recognition (Excellence in New Communications, Certificate of Excellence in New Communications and Certificate of Merit in New Communications) across six divisions (corporate, education/academic, government, media, nonprofit and technology/vendor). To be considered, organizations submit comprehensive case studies of their communications efforts which are judged by SNCR Fellows and then made available to the public via SNCR’s website. In aggregate, these case studies create a unique asset as they present a broad and deep overview of current best practices in the field of new communications. For a list of the 2012 Awards winners, please visit:

For 2012 sponsorship information, please visit:

2013 sponsorship information is coming soon…