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SNCR is a global nonprofit research and education foundation and think tank.

JNCR Submission Guidelines

SNCR accepts articles throughout the year for the peer-reviewed Journal of New Communications Research. Articles must be consistent with and contribute to the mission of SNCR: to conduct advanced study on the tools, technologies and emerging modes of communication and their effects on media, business, politics, entertainment, culture, education and society. Manuscripts must focus on the theory, strategy and tactical use of information communication technology (ICT), new media, social media, collaborative tools, emerging communications tools, technologies and processes.

The editorial review committee for this semi-annual publication will consider all types of original, previously unpublished manuscripts, including those by futurists, scholars, business leaders, professional communicators and communication technologists. Authors may use any appropriate quantitative or qualitative research methodologies, including social-scientific empirical methods, case studies and philosophical, legal, historical and critical scholarship

Successful submissions will exhibit in-depth, professional/scholarly examination of these topics and will be reviewed and chosen based on the quality of research, originality of content, relevance to the Society’s mission and excellence of execution.

Original Works. Submissions that have been previously posted or published in whole or in part will not be considered for inclusion. SNCR requests exclusive rights to accepted manuscripts for six months after their publication in Journal of New Communications Research.

Literature Review. Research papers must include a comprehensive literature review.

Format. Manuscripts must be in a Word or text file. All text, including title, headings, references, quotations, figure captions and tables, should be typed double-spaced with one-inch margins. Please use a font size of 12.

Length. Manuscripts, including all references, tables and figures, should be approximately 3,500-5,000 words, and must not exceed 7,500 words. Tables and figures are encouraged where appropriate.

Style. For writing and editorial style, authors should follow APA guidelines (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association). All text pages should be numbered.

Abstract & Keywords. All submissions should include a written abstract of 250 words or less and some keywords. The keywords will be used by readers to search for the article after it is published.

Manuscript submissions should be sent via email to