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Jacob Morgan


Jacob is widely regarded as a thought leader in social business. A key to his success is his strategic vision for both the industry and client projects. Jacob frequently spends his time experimenting, researching, and developing ideas and concepts around social business.

Jacob co-founded Chess Media Group with the goal of helping companies understand the business value of employee, partner, and customer collaboration (Enterprise 2.0 and Social CRM). Jacob leads social business strategy at Chess Media Group and provides the vision for how companies can boost productivity, cut costs and foster business agility from their social business initiatives. Jacob also develops partnerships, business opportunities, and focuses on long term growth and strategy for Chess Media Group.

Jacob’s book, Twittfaced – Your Toolkit for Understanding and Maximizing Social Media was published in September 2009. Entirely co-authored through online collaboration, the story of how his book came to fruition demonstrates the power of social media and how online communities and collaboration can yield business successes.

Jacob's blog is ranked among the top 100 most influential marketing blogs in the world by AdAge, he has contributed to Marketing Profs, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, KRON 4 (NBC's San Francisco station), Read Write Web, LCI France (a national TV news network), Search CRM, and Zdnet.

Previously, Jacob ran another social media startup, an SEO consultancy, and worked for an online marketing agency. Jacob has worked with brands such as Adobe, Conde Nast, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Salesforce, Sandisk, The U.S. Department of State, and Coremetrics.

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