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Join SNCR at these upcoming events!

Join us at this upcoming events:

The Conference Board presents the
Customer Insights Seminar
December 9-10, 2015
New York, NY

The digital revolution has transformed market research, and no aspect of it more than the ability to deliver a once unheard of breadth and depth of customer insights. The amount of data consumers create while hanging out with their friends on Facebook, by searching and shopping for products online, and by their extensive use of mobile devices, gives customer insights professionals rich, detailed and voluminous information they’ve never had previously -- on what consumers think of brands, why they buy them, what they are saying about them, and even the places they frequent.

But for those looking to gather and leverage the data of the digital revolution, the process is complex on any number of levels. Market researchers are challenged not only with collecting data, but also with and analyzing it in ways that can truly move the brand needle; with optimizing it by responding to what it’s trying to say; with using data to discover what a consumer’s real path-to-purchase is, with figuring out what expertise to keep in-house and what to outsource, with effectively using data to see in to the future of their target, and on and on.

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The Conference Board presents the
21st Annual Senior Corporate Communications Management Conference
Spring 2016


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